Hi! I am Georg Luger,

head and heart of
Unique Guitar Sounds.

Together with fellow musicians and artists in Vienna and all over Europe, we provide remote guitar recordings as well as complete song productions.

We get to the essence of your music and unleash the true spirit of your music. We love to fill your songs and compositions with unique sounds and clear arrangements.


I’m a teacher and a student, always ready to learn and teach

I focus on teaching electric guitar, acoustic guitar, useful music theory and how to groove together with other musicians.

A good mix between necessary and joyful exercises will get you to a healthy way of learning.

Let’s find out what kind of music your heart beats for and if I’m a suitable teacher for you.

If you want some individual lessons in the fields of Songwriting, Recording, Production, Mixing and Mastering, let me know and we can figure out some individual training programs.

Depending on your preference, I hold my lessons in English oder meiner Muttersprache Deutsch.


Learning in small groups to improve the process of learning

Depending on the participants, I hold the workshops in English oder meiner Muttersprache Deutsch.

The normal duration of my workshops ranges between 1 and 2 hours.
There is also an extended 3-day version of “Improvisation and Music Genres”.

For booking and individual arrangements:

Improvisation and Music Genres

Explore improvisation in a variety of music genres. We will go through various exercises, from simple to advanced, using specific genres of music. Along the way we will mix these exercises with some experimental elements.

The Journey of your Voice

Take part in a fantasy adventure and become part of a story in which you’ll discover the power of your voice. Encounter good, evil and creatures in between. You’ll have to use your voice both as a powerful weapon and as a charismatic spell.

Your Ears, a powerful Tool

Discover the active use of your ears in various areas of music (room acoustics, learning instruments, songwriting, production, live music and improvisation). This workshop is filled with useful knowledge and interactive exercises where you have to use your ears, of course.


Enjoy the vibe of the jam and the mood of the moment

For special events and occasions I provide a custom designed jamstage, consisting of:

  • A handsome, custom built Cajon drumset
  • Electric guitar + pedals + valve amp
  • Electric bass + pedals + amp
  • Vocal microphones
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Synthesizer
  • Electric piano with hammer mechanics
  • PA System + Subwoofers + Digital Mixer
  • Some decoration, white and color lighting
  • Multitrack audio and Multicam Full HD video recordings

If you are interested in the jamstage and me as host and jam guide:


High quality audio and video combined

We focus on putting your live music performance in the right light and angle.

Together with the expertise and friends from www.alphak.at, we provide multicam video recordings including high quality audio recordings and mixes.

Some examples: youtu.be/9DgL-R4lqzA
(more to come in 2021/22)

If you are interested in a multicam video of your live music performance:

Wild Water Whoosh

A unique music retreat in the Austrian Alps.

A music retreat organized by Georg Luger with the aim of connecting lovely humans. It includes a workshop program, free and guided jams, relaxation, nature and fun.
For more details click here

Luxurious cabins in the beautiful Austrian Alps
Event barn with a fully equipped jamstage and instruments
Multitrack audio and Multicam Full HD video recordings